Martina Bobulova

Honorary Research Assistant Project

Human Dignity as Grounding for Human Rights: Secular and Theistic Perspectives.

Martina Bobulova

Martina Bobulova graduated from our MLitt Bible and the Contemporary World programme in 2016 and will continue to explore the secular import in current Human Rights movement and its implications for our society in light of biblical teaching.

Martina is based in Slovakia so her  project will benefit the School by furthering our influence in public theology in the geographical centre of the EU. This include her translating some of the School’s relevant theological production and contributing her own texts mostly via blogs and online articles written primarily for the freshly emerging Slovak Evangelical Institute.

Martina’s research offers the School public engagement opportunities in current societal developments, with an overarching focus on the many forms of justice.  It builds upon Martina’s dissertation research conducted whilst an MLitt student.

Over the course of the appointment Martina anticipates writing at least six papers of around 2000 words and translating (with permission) at least six of the School’s theological articles.

The Slovak Evangelical Institute (SEVIN) – which has as its collaborators a number of respected Slovak scholars and preachers and of which Martina is one of the founding members – has a vision to bring in evangelical perspectives on a wider range of current issues and a solid biblical Christian voice in the public square as an act of public theology, primarily through blogs.

Information on the Honorary Research Assistant Project