Whitney Boswell

Honorary Research Assistant Project

Social Justice Activism

Whitney BoswellAs a social justice activist herself, Whitney Boswell’s research will focus upon the philosophies, theologies and practices of social justice amongst a range of activist groups operating primarily in the USA. Whitney graduated from our Bible and the Contemporary World MLitt programme in 2014 and her aim is to examine parallels between concepts of social justice emerging in the New Testament churches and those of 21st century movements. The originality of Whitney’s work will lie in the comparison between 21st century Christian Evangelical social justice organisations and non-religiously-aligned organisations such as the anti-fascist movement, the punk subculture, and justice-based social and parenting communities.

Through content analysis of media reports and semi-structured interviews (subject to Research Ethics Approval), Whitney seeks to establish the forms of activity on the ground. Critical reflection will address the question of 21st century US Evangelicalism’s coherence with its own professed belief system. The output of this research wil be articles in peer-reviewed journals.

This research will benefit significantly the School by developing its contribution to the international scholarly conversation surrounding social justice issues.  It has the potential to position St Mary’s College amidst the voices influencing social justice movements, from both a secular and sacred perspective. Particular benefit will be accrued by our own staff who teach the module ‘Bible and Contemporary Issues’ within our MLitt programme. They will be informed by Whitney’s investigations and enhance the research-led teaching on this programme with information and critical discussion not currently available.

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