Article in ‘La Croix’ by one of our current students

La Croix, a Roman Catholic weekly newspaper in France, has published an article by Vladimir Molinié, our of our current students on ‘Bible and the Contemporary World’.

The opinion-piece, ‘Monsieur Zemmour, pourquoi faire de la souffrance française un instrument de pouvoir?’ challenges the far-right views of presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. Molinié describes his article as opposing Zemmour, ‘precisely in the name of the Christian values he claims to defend’. ‘My opinion’, says Molinié, ‘was largely inspired by Volf’s analysis of the tower of Babel and the Abrahamic revolution (which I used in unit 1), and by Black hermeneutics (to remind French Christians that Africa was the center of Christianity in the beginnings).’

We are delighted to see a student contributing to public discussions, informed by his studies on our programme.