Quentin (Canada) – 2015

Quentin, a 2015 student from the Bible and Contemporary World programmeI cannot begin to say enough by way of adequately expressing my appreciation for the Bible and the Contemporary World MLitt at St Andrews. I came to the programne as a Canadian medical student seeking to think carefully and theologically about specific issues in medical ethics as well as other relevant issues that are manifestly relevant to the contemporary world. It is fair to say that these expectations were exceeded in many ways: the opportunity to study at St Mary’s was deeply enriching not only academically but also professionally and personally.

I left St Andrews with much more than a Masters Degree. Through the Bible and the Contemporary World program, I met fascinating people from all over the world, obtained vital resources that continue to enrich my medical practice, and found a deeper passion for theology and for engaging with questions of paramount importance to the world of today. (Quentin was on the full-time version of this programme.

– Quentin (Canada)