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St Mary's College at duskWe are pleased to announce the launch of an online journal that will provide programme graduates with a publication option for their dissertations and module papers. Titled “Bible and the Contemporary World,” the journal is the official publication of the MLitt “Bible and the Contemporary World” programme at the University of St. Andrews. As such, the journal addresses a number of themes that reflect important aspects of our contemporary world and about which various Christian traditions have something to say, as well as how social, political or cultural issues shape the way that Christians interpret their own tradition.

Papers are initially reviewed by the editor in chief or his/her designee, who then, if the submission is tentatively acceptable, refer the submission to one or more reviewers, at least one of whom will be a member of the editorial board. Authors will retain the copyrights to their works but will be responsible for formatting the papers to meet the hosting requirements and for obtaining any necessary permissions.

The University’s OJS Journal Service host the journal. The first issue was published in August 2019.

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